“I cannot say enough positive comments about Tru-Fitness. Just in two months even after years of Pilates, I can say that I am stronger and more aware of how my body works. The attention to details makes each class a learning session that is applicable to daily activities. I highly recommend this place and these trainers as tops.” ~Lu


“Where to start in sharing my review of this amazing fitness program. I have been a member of Tru Fitness for 4 months and notice important as well as healthy changes in my strength, posture, and endurance. While in class, I feel as though each challenging exercise builds on the next. Proper form is number one in the class structure. The teachers talk us through each exercise so that proper form soon becomes habit. I have tried quite a few gyms and Tru Fitness, by far, is the most thorough and well rounded program. I am thankful to have discovered this program!” ~Penny


“I can’t say enough good things about Tru Fit! I’ve been working out with them nearly a year and have seen amazing results! I came to them with a hip injury and they were a huge help in finding me the right exercises to strengthen my body and avoid further injury. I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in. The coaching in every class is amazing and the instructors genuinely care about each person. I would highly recommend Tru Fit to everyone!” ~Kim


“Johnny, Tina, and Allie rock! They are terrific trainers that maintain a well kept, clean, and updated facility. I get excited to go to class and feel great when I leave. I’ve been a member for 3 months now and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. The balanced athlete program is unique and allows me to pursue my fitness goals in a new and modern way that I haven’t seen before. I highly recommend becoming a member!” ~Adam


Tru Fit’s 2017 Client of the Year – Kyle

“When I first came to Tru Fitness, I was the in the worst shape of my life: overweight and nursing injuries. De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel, and neck & back pain were keeping me from being active, which only made them worse. I was less than enthusiastic about exercising, but my trainers gradually got me moving again. They made it easy and even fun to get my strength back and improved my overall health. Within months, my tenosynovitis & carpal tunnel were gone and I was feeling great. Now I’m down 90 pounds, pain free, and getting ready to go snowboarding again for the first time in a half decade! Tru Fitness have given me back my motivation and my life!” ~ Kyle

Kyle's dramatic results