Fit After 40 Event Calendar:

Saturday, January 12th @ 12PM – “Come Meet Tru Fitness”

Our members tell us that it’s so hard to describe to their friends what we do at Tru Fitness…well here’s your chance to share the experience with your friends & family! Bring your friends and show them what Tru Fitness is doing that is so different from every other fitness place. This will be a full demonstration of our Tru Fitness Mastering Skill Set. So come ready to move!

Saturday, January 26th @ 10:30AM – “Understanding How Proper Nutrition Can Reduce the Risk of Chronic Illnesses”

Guest Speaker: Alzheimer’s Association

Seminar followed by workout! 10:30AM-12PM

Saturday, February 26th @ 10:30AM – “Understanding How Nutritional Deficiencies Affect Our Health”

Guest Speaker: Dr. Shannon Roznay, Owner Thrive! Wellness Center

Seminar followed by workout! 10:30-12PM

Mastering Movement Skills Series Classes – Starting January 19th – February 16th

Saturdays @ 10:30AM

Mondays @ 12PM

Mondays @ 5:30PM

Wednesdays @ 12PM

4 Week “Mastering Movement” Skill Series Schedule

Beginner 4 Week Series

In this series, you will learn:

1) 3-Point Spine Alignment & Grounding
2) Upper Body & Lower Body Core Integration
3) Breath Control
4) Hip Hinging & Split Stance Stability
*5) Recapping Skills 1-4

*Advanced 2 Week Continued Education Series:
1) Hip Pops & Kettlebells
2) Rotational Movement
*Must complete entire beginner skills series before attending advanced courses