Right now, the fitness industry is producing a 60-80% injury rate for people within their first year who are new to exercise. Because the general population is overworked, overstressed, sit too much and don’t move enough, the trainers have responded with shorter, higher intensity workouts. This approach is problematic because people’s bodies are not equipped to handle the intensity, which causes injury down the road.

Tru Fitness created the “Fit After 40” program to help individuals between the ages of 40-80 take charge of their health and stay injury free when embarking upon a new exercise program.

Our Barefoot Training Specialists teach fundamental movements geared towards maintaining a pain free and active lifestyle.

“Fit After 40” is a 4 week program.

The Program:

4-Week Specialized Movement Series Classes

1 Individual 30 Min Consultation

1 Functional Movement & Gait Evaluation


Next Series Starting Jan 2020 (DATE TBD)

*You don’t have to wait until January to join our beginner program. Contact us today to get a head start on a Brand New You.

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