Tru Fitness will be hosting a complimentary fitness program every

Tuesday and Thursday, April 17 through May 10, 2018.

Grand Opening
Grand Opening
Grand Opening

If You’re New to Fitness or Tired of Not Getting Results by Doing the Same Old Routine, TRU FITNESS IS FOR YOU!

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In our 8 part series program, Finding Your Tru Fitness Experience is centered on four pillars

    • Foundation – Be introduced to a curriculum that offers unique techniques used
      to promote fundamental movements.
    • Focus – By developing a mindful fitness practice, we become self-aware of our
      movements and behaviors while we exercise and throughout daily life.
    • Fundamentals – Our feet are the foundation of our body. Therefore, our
      practices are performed barefoot as it is only from the ground up that authentic
      core strengthening can be achieved.
    • Fun – Focus on enjoying the practice, celebrating victory and creating a healthier
      and stronger you.

This revolutionary course is taught exclusively at the Ann Arbor Tru Fitness location and only has 8 spots left!

Course Schedule

April 17: Class 1 – Core Stabilization
Education Theme: Pain Free Movement

April 19: Class 2 – Core Pulse
Education Theme: Building a Fast Metabolism

April 24: Class 3 – Hip Stabilization
Education Theme: Developing Power

April 26: Class 4 – Shoulder Stabilization
Education Theme: Sleep Like A Baby

May 1: Class 5 – Movement Efficiency
Education Theme: Breath & Mind Control

May 3: Class 6 – High Intensity Interval Training: HITT (Part 1)
Education Theme: Unleash Fat

May 8: Class 7 – High Intensity Interval Training: HITT (Part 2)
Education Theme: Life Harmony

May 10: Class 8 – Eye of the Tiger
Education Theme – Empowered Living