“What kind of training do we do at Tru Fitness?”

Our specialty Balanced Athlete training program combines and augments teachings found in strength & conditioning workouts, yoga, pilates, and corrective exercise. We help you develop a strong mind-body connection to increase your awareness of how to carry yourself when you exercise and throughout your every day life.  Mindfulness leads to heightened athletic performance, strength and improvements in overall health while reducing aches, pains and risk of injury.

“Can I lose weight at Tru Fitness?”

Absolutely. Some of our greatest success stories involve weight loss with clients. Although most gyms focus on high intensity calorie burn for weight loss, we take a holistic approach to your program. We help our clients understand the role that nutrition plays in weight management and aim to establish healthy lifestyle habits to help the body reduce inflammation. This approach ignites weight loss and is the recipe for long term success to help keep the weight off forever! Combine this with our Balanced Athlete program and you will be feeling lean and live pain free for a lifetime.