New 2018 Class Descriptions

    Rush Hour

    Busy schedule? Well, this class has it all for you. Rush Hour combines blocks from all of our Tru Fit favorite classes to help you maximize your workout. Expect a combination of strength training, dynamic cardio and hard hitting core.
    *Intensity Level – Moderate/High*

    Life In Motion

    Life in Motion is a truly unique class. Focusing on proper movement patterns in this class you’ll never have to lift a weight. Using only your body, this class is safe for individuals of all levels. Let there be no mistake….this class is no walk in the park! Even the most experienced will feel the intensity through precision. Because technique matters!
    *Intensity Level – Low/Moderate*

    Balanced Athlete

    BALANCED ATHLETE practices use a combination of high intensity interval training (H.I.T.T.) with restorative exercise methods to give you a workout like nothing you have experienced before. This class is designed to help improve conditioning, range of motion and will help you channel your inner balanced athlete to enhance all of your athletic experiences.
    *Intensity Level – Moderate/High*

    Strength & Power

    “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” Strength is about building up the body without breaking it down and learning what it takes to stay strong. Tru Power comes from building a solid foundation of strength. Experience both in this dynamic class.
    *Intensity Level – Moderate/High*


    Some days our bodies don’t feel like they used to. Repetitive movements, stress and life can take their toll on the body. RESTORE focuses on teaching basic self-myofascial release, AKA foam rolling, combined with restorative movement practices to help bring back healthy muscle tissue, proper alignment, reduce chronic pain and restore function.
    *Intensity Level – Low*

    Core Control

    Develop a rock solid core while tightening your tummy and strengthening your lower back. Core Control is designed to teach you how to properly activate your core muscles to stabilize and strengthen your body so you can perform at your highest level
    *Intensity Level – Low/Moderate*.

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