When you walk in through our doors, you become a part of our Tru Fitness Family. Our MISSION is enlighten your fitness experience with our Balanced Athlete Mindful Movement Coaching that will move you out of pain, increase strength & flexibility and enhance your overall quality of life. Through proper technique training and our workout practices, you will empower your mind and body and discover the best version of yourself. We guarantee you won’t experience anything else like our workouts!

Tina Miller, Founder of TRU FITNESS |

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Why Barefoot?

Our footwear disconnects us from the FIRST part of the body that contacts the ground first when we walk  – our feet. Shoes are like casts that do an immense amount of compensating for our feet, which actually weakens the foot making us susceptible to plantar fascitis, Achilles Tendonitis and stress fractures.
When we remove shoes for activity, our Barefoot Training Specialists are more readily able to identify compensations to enhance technique, which leads to pain free movement, better workouts and a stronger you!